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Sea Trek Ventures - Eco Tours

Sea Trek Ventures offers a variety of wildlife and scenery tours during the spring and summer season. The typical duration of a summer cruise is 5 day plus. A spring cruise from March to May typically last 3 days plus.

Departure times are flexible. All trips can begin whenever your party arrives on your first day or at 7:30 pm the evening before your first paid day for a COMPLIMENTARY evening aboard our lovely fully equipped 43 foot Bayliner "MAGGIE"

During your complimentary evening, we will pull the pre-set crab traps to enjoy a feed of fresh dungeness crab with hot butter & seasonings in a quiet bay. The next day, we will go to a wilderness, sulphur-free hot spring for a relaxing dip. From there we'll decide which direction our circle tour will take according to your wishes and the weather. Your comfort and safety are the first consideration.

During our cruise you will see spectacular scenery not available to those on the large cruise ships, as we chart a course into the side channels of the Inside Passage. Observe the breathtaking scenery and wildlife of Princess Royal Island. You may see bald eagles diving for fish, sea lions, black bears, mystical white "kermode" bears, deer, orcas and other species of whales, porpoises, and seals. The mystic Kermode bear and humpback whales are most visible during the four weeks from the middle of August to the middle of September. Guests will enjoy spectacular views of rivers, rain forests, and numerous waterfalls. We will visit a native village accessible only by water or air, as well as historical sites and many others interesting places.

The itinerary will be as you wish. Guests can choose to stay in the shelter of the islands of the Inside Passage for the entire tour, or spend part of the tour outside the passage near the open sea. The inner coastline is decorated with scenic mountains, trees and quiet inlets. The peace and quiet is broken only by the call of an eagle or a roaring waterfall. The outer coast is awesome with the best view from the rugged shoreline. Trips include visits to Prince Royal Island, Fjord Land, Green Inlet and serene inlets along the way. Enroute, guests can stop and fish during peak fishing periods at your discretion.

As we cruise along the uninhabited shoreline you will feel like you are the first one to witness the scenery. Here, where the land meets the sea, species of fish and birds are the greatest. Beach combing is always a favourite and guests can sometimes find Oriental hand-blown glass balls from long ago, along with interesting shells and drift wood. While on shore, you can explore the hidden deep and shallow tidal pools or enjoy a campfire and wiener roast.

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