World Class Fishing at its Finest!

With Sea Trek Ventures , it's always fishing season! We offer our quality charters year round, with our multi-day tours during the spring and summer months, and our special winter day-trips available from November to the end of February.

Guests of Sea Trek Ventures enjoy scenic trips and fishing in the waters surrounding Kitimat; through the Douglas Channel, around the bays and inlets of the Inside Passage as far South as Dean Channel, including the scenic and pristine area surrounding Princess Royal Island. As well, guests will experience the fantastic scenery and fishing areas of Caamano Sound and Hecate Strait.

Winter Day-Trips (November through February)

During the past few years we have had great success on our Winter Day-trips.  The winter Spring Salmon returns from November through to the second week in January have been fantastic, with catches of up to 30 lbs right in our harbour!  As well, guests on day trips can enjoy fresh catches of "all you can eat" humpback shrimp and prawns, making for a rewarding day on the water. Guests can take advantage of the flexible booking schedule and value, while enjoying the amenities of staying on shore in local accommodations.

Multi - Day Charters (Spring/ Summer)

Departure times are flexible. All trips can begin whenever your party arrives on your first day or at approximately 7:30pm the evening before your first day for a complimentary evening onboard the "MAGGIE". Trips end between 4:00pm and 4:30pm on the final day of your charter.

During our complimentary evening, we will pull the pre set crab traps to enjoy a feed of fresh shellfish with hot butter and seasonings in a quiet bay. The next morning we'll proceed to the first fishing area. Usually, we have meals while we are fishing with the exception of our evening meal, during which your skipper will shut down the boat and drift. In the evening, the "MAGGIE" will be anchored in a secure spot.

Along with fishing for salmon, halibut, ling and many other kinds of cod and crab, there are a number of things to do and see, including a dip in a wilderness, sulphur free, hot spring. While onboard, observe the breathtaking scenery and wildlife, including the white Kermode bear, and humpback whales, which are best seen from the middle of August to the middle of September.

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